the journey of cells

our body consists of many types of cells. they live. they make a journey. the same type of cells collect together. A body is the end part of any types of cells. whole cells in every part of body. that is cell.

earth as part of this universe is very small thing. this “small thing” term refers to almost nothing. how about the body? how about the cell?

Allah is The Greatest

the body is smaller than almost nothing and cell is smallest than both of them.

nowadays, there is another terms: kromosom, gen, DNA or RNA.

you believe that such smallest things. adding “such” in the word “such smallest thing” means lets compare that smallest thing with bigger thing such as earth and universe. Allah doesn’t need you but you need Allah.

who creates all the beautiful creatures?

who creates the sky? who creates the oceans? who creates the mountain? who creates the animal? who creates all of us?

There is only one Allah.

Allah is The Creator


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